Excursion Lofoten May 31th

Starting in the alpine landscape of Lofoten with early Proterozoic intrusives and associated iron ores, we thereafter set direction for the gentler and more mature landscape of Vesterålen. Here we will acquire knowledge of both some of the oldest and some of the youngest rocks found in Norway.

On the island of Hinnøya we will encounter an Archaean, granodioritic pluton, amongst the largest in Norway, containing xenoliths that probably exceeds 3 Ga in age. Furthermore, we will visit a major post-Mesozoic fault, making the onshore continuation of the West Lofoten Border Fault. In this area, the exposed fault is part of a fault complex with a vertical displacement of close to 2 km, forming the eastern boundary of the Mesozoic Sortlandsundet basin to the west. We will use the occasion to speculate about the implications for the post Mesozoic landscape development in the area.

On the western side of the sea, on the island of Langøya, we will study erratics from the Sortlandsundet basin that have been transported onto the shoreline. These consist of various sandstone facies, containing fossils like belemnites and a variety of bivalves. We then continue our journey westwards on Langøya, visiting mineralizations of graphite in a supracrustal sequence, before turning south passing Archaean granulite gneisses and Proterozoic intrusives comprising anorthosite. On the road we will cross  the spectacular “Heier zone”, where anorthosite is overlying mangerite with a tectonic contact.

Further south, on the island of Hadseløya, we will make a stop at spectacular deep weathering of the basement, before catching the ferry back to Lofoten.  

The whole circuit is estimated to apx. 10 hours, partly following roads outside normal travelling routes.

Guides will be geologsits from the Geological Survey of Norway mapping the area. 

The excursion is now filled up, but it is possible to be on a waiting list in case someone has to withdraw.

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Event Date 31-05-2017
Event End Date 31-05-2017
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