Arctic Days 2017

Arctic Days 2017

Arctic Days will for the 5th time be organised, this time from May 29th to June 2nd, in beautiful Lofoten at Thon Hotel Lofoten, Svolvær.

The registration has now closed. If you still want to participate, it is possible with on-site registration.

The hotel has this suggestion to itineraries to Lofoten:

In addition to the four conferences Arctic Energy, Uplift and Erosion, iMAGINE and Mineral Resources, a one-day joint excursion is planned for Wednesday May 31. covering deep weathering and faulting processes, mineral resources (graphite and Fe-Ti-apatite) and Archaean basement rocks. 

The programme committees for the conferences has started their work, and preliminary programs are ready.

Arctic Energy


Uplift and Erosion

Mineral Resources

 Geological Society of Norrway are grateful to our supporters:

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Arctic Energy 2017 - 29th - 30th of May

The Arctic Energy is a forum for presenting and discussing recent developments and future challenges in the geological research, exploration and exploitation of petroleum resources in the Circum-Arctic petroleum basins. This includes Greenland basins, the Barents Sea, Lofoten and Vesterålen areas, Russian Arctic basins, North Canadian and Alaskian basins.  

The conference invites participants from the petroleum industries, academia, governmental institutions, consultants and service companies. This is the fifth conference in the line of NGF conferences on Arctic geology and resources.  

Conference topics:

  • Arctic plate tectonic and paleogeology
  • Circum-Arctic Petroleum systems and play concepts
  • Yet-To-Find petroleum resources in the Arctic
  • Recent exploration successes and field developments, with a geological perspective
  • Carbonate play concepts
  • Unconventional resources in the Arctic
  • Sequence stratigraphy as tools for play concepts  

Keynote speakers:
Assistand Director Exploration, Stig Morten Knutsen, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Senior Geologist, Harald Brunstad, Lundin Norway
Senior Scientist Pierpaolo Guarnieri, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), Denmark
Senior Specialist Exploration, Jan Ove Hanssen, Statoil Norway  

Programme committee:
Abryl O. Ramirez, NPD, Chairman
Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, GEUS
Harald Brekke, NPD
Geir Birger Larssen, Lundin Norway
Atle Rotevatn, University of Bergen
Ketil Sollid, Statoil

Cenozoic uplift, erosion and deposition - processes involved; onshore-offshore the NW European continental margin. May 29th -30th .  

The session aims to gather members of both academia and the industry to elevate the understanding of processes and timing of surface uplift, weathering, erosion, landscape evolution, tectonism and accumulation of the Cenozoic strata along the NW European margin.

The last decade a wealth of new data has been acquired and analysed focusing on the theme of uplift, erosion and deposition and along with improved chronological and modelling techniques, our understanding of the coupling between topography, surface erosion, deposition and tectonics has increased. We invite contributions and discussions on integrated studies based on geophysical and geological as well as geomorphological and geochronological observations, which address the evolution of topography, erosion and accumulation through time and their interactions between tectonic (including the lithosphere), heat flow and surface processes.  

Conference topics:

  • Cenozoic deposits and depositional environments
  • Quantifying and differentiating the amounts of Cenozoic uplift, erosion and deposition - methods and results (including results from basin modelling)
  • Methods for constraining timing and spatial variations of uplift, erosion and deposition
  • Processes causing uplift
  • Linking onshore and offshore observations
  • Implications for petroleum systems  

Keynote speakers:
Bart W.H. Hendriks, Statoil
William Helland-Hansen, University of Bergen
Wolfram Geissler, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

Programme committee:
Jan Sverre Laberg, University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway/ARCEx, Chairman
Håvard Buran, Lundin Heather Campbell, Shell
Sten-Andreas Grundvåg, ARCEX/University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway
Dominique Similox-Tohon, Statoil

iMAGINE - Integration of MAGNETICS and GRAVITY in northern exploration June 1st – 2nd, 2017  

GRAVITY and MAGNETIC data are crucial in the investigation of the subsurface in poorly accessible areas like the ARCTIC. Linked with knowledge and models of densities and magnetic attributes of sedimentary and crystalline rocks, advanced subsurface models can be derived. Further improvement can be gained by including geological analogues as well as by integration with other geophysical data. Data acquisition and drilling in arctic regions is challenged by extreme weather conditions, ice-covered waters and magnetic disturbances from the aurora borealis.   

iMAGINE aims to bring together academic, governmental, and commercial communities from many parts of the world with the aim to present and discuss the latest advances in GRAVITY and MAGNETIC data interpretation, acquisition and directional drilling. In focus is the link to petrophysical parameters, petrology, mineralogy and geological processes, as well as integration with other data types. The regional focus is on the ARCTIC, adjacent areas as well as geological analogues on earth and other planets.  

Conference Topics:

  • Tectonic and crustal studies on all scales
  • Plate tectonics, isostasy and dynamic topography
  • Magnetic attributes and densities; mineral to lithospheric scale
  • Exploration for hydrocarbons, minerals and geothermal resources
  • Acquisition technology, directional drilling at high latitudes
  • Satellite data, marine and airborne data
  • Interpretation methods - processing, modelling and inversion  

Keynote speakers:
Dr. Michael Purucker, Chief of Planetary Magnetospheres Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
Dr. Zuzana Alasonati Tašárová,  Statoil, Norway
Prof. Suzanne McEnroe, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Programme committee:
Christine Fichler, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Chairman
Carla Braitenberg, University of Trieste
Marco Brönner, Geological Survey of Norway
Jörg Ebbing, Christian-Alberts University Kiel
Maurizio Fedi, University of Naples Federico II
Carmen Gaina, CEED, University of Oslo Maurizio Fedi, University of Naples Federico II
Hans Jürgen Götze, Christian-Alberts University Kiel
Christian Gram, Statoil, Norway
Ron Hackney, Geoscience Australia
Suzanne McEnroe, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Mineral Resources in the Arctic June 1th – 2nd  

Mineral resources in the Arctic have been getting increased attention during the past decade. Recent discoveries and developments are showing the great mineral  potential in the Arctic, and Fennoscandia is established  as a major resource province in Europe. Several multinational project  have being carried out compiling data for mineral resource maps and databases in the Arctic with the recently completed Circum-Arctic project as an outstanding example. Several initiatives towards the establishment of a cooperative mineral research network in the Nordic region have been established with strong political backing.  

New trends include the increased demand for minerals, including special metals, in the green energy  and other advanced technology, and the interest to go deeper with advanced 3D-technology and modeling. There is need for innovative and environmentally acceptable solutions for mineral exploration and extraction, also for mineral resources at the sea-floor.  

At the Arctic Conference Days we wish to bring together researchers and developers working with mineral deposits in the Arctic or near-Arctic area of all continents to present and discuss current research and trends in mineral resource geology.  

Conference topics:

  • Magmatic Ni-Cu-Co-PGE deposits
  • Gold provinces and deposits
  • Base metal deposits
  • Special metal deposits
  • Industrial minerals - e.g. apatite, diamonds, graphite, carbonate
  • Archaean and Proterozoic iron deposits
  • Metallogeny of the Arctic
  • Seabed mineral resources
  • The potential role of natural gas in the mineral-based value chain  

Keynote speakers:  
Dr. Tobias Bauer, Luleå University of Technology
Dr. Pasi Eilu, Geological Survey of Finland
Prof. Rune B. Larsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Programme commitee:
Jan Sverre Sandstad (Geological Survey of Norway), Chairman
Håvard Gautneb (Geological Survey of Norway)
Sabina Strmic Palinkas (The Arctic University of Norway – University of Tromsø)
Pär Weihed (Luleå University of Technology)
Laura Lauri (Geological Survey of Finland)

Practical information

The conference will be held at the Thon Hotel Lofoten in Svolvær.

Participation fee is:
(Membership Fee 2017 must be paid to receive membership participation fee)


2 days participation    

4 days participation  

Member Early Bird before April 5th.

 NOK 3 500

NOK 5 500

Member after April 5th.  NOK 4 500 NOK 6 500
Non-member Early Bird before April 5th.  NOK 4 500 NOK 6 500
Non-member After April 5th.  NOK 5 500 NOK 7 500
Students/Retirees/Unemployed member  NOK 2 000 NOK 3 000
Students/Retirees/Unemployed Non-member

 NOK 2 500 NOK 4 000

There will be held conference dinners at May 29th and June 1th.
Participation at each dinner will be NOK 300.

Excursion on May 31th :is now fully booked. It is possible however to be on a waiting list incase someone has to withdraw. 

Singleroom NOK 1295 / nigth
Doubleroom NOK 1495 / night

Cancellation deadlines
Cancellation after March 29th - 25 % coverage of registration
Cancellation after April 28th - 50 % coverage of registration
Cancellation after May 15 - 100 coverage % of registration

Event Properties

Event Date 29-05-2017
Event End Date 02-06-2017
Registration Start Date 14-02-2017
Thon Hotel Lofoten
Thon Hotel Lofoten
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