Onshore - Offshore 2016

Onshore - Offshore relationships on the North Atlantic Margins

The Geological Society of Norway will arrange the Onshore - Offshore conference for the third time on October 18th - 19th.

The conference will be held at the Geological Survey of Norway in Trondheim.

The abstract deadline is September 1th. Abstract should be sent to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

The registration is opened! You find information and registration at our Events


The Geological Society of Norway Onshore - Offshore conference brings together members of academic, governmental and industrial communities working on the geological development of the onshore and offshore North Atlantic region. The last similarly themed conference was organised in Trondheim four years ago. Since then, a considerable amount of new data have been collected and new concepts concerning onshore-offshore relationships along the North Atlantic margins have been put forward. Five themes have been selected which will be of interest to both industry and academic participants. A key aim of the conference is to collect a broad range of geoscientists to present and discuss the latest developments in our understanding of onshore-offshore relationships, across disciplines and across different topics of interest.

The five themes are:

1. Deep structure and basement control

• Geophysical signatures of the offshore extension of Precambrian, Caledonian and post-Caledonian crustal architecture
• Effects of Precambrian orogenies on the structuring of the continental shelves
• The offshore extension of the Caledonides and the Caledonian suture on the continental shelf
• Crustal and mantle structure and its relationship to evolution of the passive continental margin
• Magnetic and gravimetric onshore-offshore interpretations
• Stress and strain modelling

2. Post-Caledonian faulting and plate tectonics

• Structural inheritance
• Plate tectonic evolution and reconstructing the onshore-offshore relationships
• Palaeoclimate and palaeogeography
• Magnitude of stretching and its distribution
• Uplift histories

3. Analogue studies

• How can onshore studies increase our understanding of the margin and its hydrocarbon potential?
• Weathering, erosion and hydrothermal alteration of the crystalline basement through time
• Weathering, drainage evolution and landscape formation: relationships to structural deformation
• Generation and preservation of reservoir properties in basement rocks: offshore examples and onshore analogues
• Links between palaeolandscapes and offshore stratigraphy

4. Linking uplift and erosion with subsidence and deposition

• Continental margin and deep-sea sedimentary processes
• Uplift-erosion relationships onshore and offshore
• Tectonic and structural controls on sediment routing along the continental margins

5. Climatic control

• Land- and marine-based ice sheets – their imprints and impact
• Sea-level changes – causes and consequences
• Gas hydrates - neotectonics, deglaciation and seabed impregnations

There will be arranged a dinner on October 8th on Kristiansten Festning

It is not planned for organized accomodation this time.

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