2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference 2016

The 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC 2016) is a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and industry specialists in geomatics, geoscience and related disciplines to share their latest developments and applications. The conference reflects the recent trend for convergence across geomatics (spatial science), visualisation, computer vision and graphics, as well as virtual and augmented reality, which are filtering into geoscience applications to give new and exciting analysis possibilities.

Geospatial data obtained from e.g. laser scanners (lidar), photogrammetry, satellite imagery and GPS are having a massive impact on our understanding of the earth's surface topography and ongoing processes. Using state-of-the-art equipment and analysis, it is now possible to acquire high resolution images and 3D models from the ground and from the air (e.g. using drones). This allows us to study natural phenomena at a range of scales, from global to laboratory settings, with geology being one discipline that has benefited greatly from these techniques over the last decade.

VGC 2016 will take place in Bergen, 21-23 September 2016 (short course on day 1). We are putting together an exciting scientific and social programme, including a keynote speech by Prof Lars Harald Blikra from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, who will outline the contribution of geomatics techniques in managing risk to society caused by geohazards.

VGC 2016 will be a great opportunity to discuss the state-of-the-art of digital field mapping and analysis methods, and their contribution in geoscience and geology. The organising and scientific committees encourage you to participate and look forward to seeing you in Bergen in September.

The conference is organised by Uni Research and the University of Bergen, Geological Society of Norway participate as partner and sponsor.

The conference venue is Grand Terminus Hotel i Bergen City center. Reservation at the hotel can be done here.


Important Dates

Abstract submission: April 30 2016.

Acceptance: June 2016

Conference registration - Early bird :July 10 2016.

Short cource - 3D modelling and hyperspectral imaging for geoscientist: September 21 2016

Conference: September 22-23 2016

Special issue paper Submission: December 2016

More information can be found on the conference website.

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