Production Geoscience 2020


Prod geosci2020

The Geological Society of Norway  are happy to invite to Production Geoscience in November 3rd-4th, 2020.

The event will take place as an online event.


The program are ready, and the presenters are in place.

The conference starts Nov. 3rd at 11:30!


 November 3rd

Time  Title Speaker
11:30  Development of challenging barrels  
   Welcome and introduction  Morten Bergan and Alexey Deryabin
   The Solveig Field – some pre-production G & G challenges Ophelie Durant (Lundin Energy Norge)
   Maria - Chasing the upside using ensemble based methods Vedad Hadziavdic (WintershallDea)
   Valhall Flank West – A great example how close relationship and one team approach between drilling and       subsurface has increased the resources for all of the drilled Westflank wells!   Sindre Hadland (AkerBP)
  15 min break  
13:10  Digitalisation and technology  
  Released Wells Initiative- Norske Olje og gass cuttings digital project Malgorzata Kusak (NOROG)
  The NPD is applying pathologists’ research and development to digital hi-res palynology and petrographic   thin sections Robert Williams (OD)
   Digital journey - how geoscience knowledge is translated to algorithms Kine Årdal (Pandion Energy)
   15 min break  
14:40  Modelling of reservoirs  
  Modelling of turbidites Trond Høye (GeoGravityFlow)
   Hanz Development Project Espen Hagen (AkerBP)
   Execution results and early production performance at Skogul  Kevin Best (AkerBP)
16:00  End of day  

 November 4th

09:00  Injectites  
   Welcome and introduction  
   Keynote: An overview of the Californians Giant Injection Complexes: key analogues for subsurface   interpretation  Antonio Grippa
   Balder X Project - the rejuvenation of a mature and complex field  Virginie Patacz (Vår energi)
  15 minute break  
10:40  Modelling of reservoirs cont.  
   Development drilling at Ærfugl - experience and lessons learnt Geraldine Vey (AkerBP)
   Automated history matching: a geologist's nightmare Chris Townsend (Geomod 3D)
  A description of the alluvial fan and alluvial fan margin sediments of Edvard Grieg Field and discussion of their influence on water cut development and 4D response.  Jamie Good Quin (Lundin Energy Norge)
12:00  End of conference  Morten Bergan






































Since the conference are digital, we are able to cut the cost of organizing. But there still are a cost, and therefore there will be a small participation fee.

We would like to also include students, and students can participate for free.

The cost for participating are set to NOK 600.

Are you a retiree or jobseeker, the cost are set to NOK 300.

Register here: Register here

(Participation fee must be paid before access to the conference are given)

We would also like to give companies the opportunitey to buy a package that allows their employees to participate together.
A package for up to 10 participants costs NOK5000.
A package from 11 participants and up costs NOK10000.

The company logo will be presentet on our website and on slides during the breaks. For registration of companies please contact Ann Mari Husås - Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

Thank you for the support:

Lundin Energy od stor farge










The committee are:

Morten Bergan (Spirit-Energy)
Marit Dørum (Lundin Energy)
Theodor Lien (Aker BP)
Harald Gedero (Wintershall Dea)
Alexey Deryabin (OD)
Ann Mari Husås (NGF)

Questions and ideas can be sent to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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