"6000 meters below the sea" - Bergen 18.09.19

NGF - Bergen ønsker velkommen til første foredrag etter sommeren!

Cédric Hamelin fra UiB holder foredraget "6000 meters below the sea, diving in a transform fault".  

"The Romanche mega-transform in the equatorial Atlantic is a 950 km offset along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, one of the largest faults in any ocean. In this region, new oceanic crust is generated in front of a rather old (55My), thick and cold lithosphere. An extreme thermal gradient results from this age contrast and some dramatic effects in the tectonic and magmatism style are observed when approaching the transform fault. During the summer 2019, the SMARTIES expedition goal was to observe and sample the reliefs at the intersection between the Romanche transform fault and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Nautile, a manned deep submergence submarine, was the essential tool of this exploration cruise, with dives that reached the record depth of -6030m for the first time since its construction in 1984." 

Møtet holdes som vanlig i aud 5 i 3. etasje på Realfagsbygget. Det vil bli lett servering og mulighet til å kjøpe drikke. Husk å trykke delta på arrangementet vårt på Facebook så vi kan beregne nok mat. https://www.facebook.com/events/547847819288831/

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