NGWM20 - Student poster Award

Postersession Postersession Hans Arne Nakrem

At the NGWM20, the jury for the student poster award judged 39 posters.

The members of the jury: Henrik H. Svensen (jury chair), Nazmul Haque Mondol, Karianne Staalesen Lilleøren, Martin B. Klausen, Jørn Harald Hurum, Emma F. Rehnström, Angvik Tine Larsen and Henriette Linge.  

The jury was impressed by the overall high quality of the posters and the presentations during the poster sessions.
It was exciting to see a new generation of geoscientists already making an impact.
As the quality of the posters were to such a high standard with a wide range of poster designs, the jury has decided to share the prize between two winners.  

The jury’s keywords for award no 1: Straight to the point, very easy to follow, great graphics and images, convincingly argued, and exciting content.
The first winner is Åse Hestnes (Univ. Bergen) with the poster “Ductile to brittle structural framework of the Nordfjord area, Western Norway”. 

The jury’s keywords for award no 2: Untraditional, innovative, artistic, capturing, we want more!
The second winner is Bitten Bolvig Hansen (NHM, Univ. Oslo) with the poster “Morphological trends in the Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoid Arctoceras blomstrandi”. 

The jury congratulates both students with the outstanding work.

Posteraward Åse Hestnes m Henrik Svensen WEB Posteraward Bitten Bolvig Hansen
Åse Hestnes              Henrik Svensen Bitten Bolvig Hansen 

   Foto: Hans Arne Nakrem


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