The Nordic Geoscientist Award is presented every second year in connection with the Nordic Winter Meeting. The Award is granted to a Nordic geoscientist who has, in the course of his/her career, been strongly involved in the society around us, as well as in specific fields in the geosciences.

I Oslo the president of Geological Society of Norway, Øystein Nordgulen got the honor to present the award.

In his speech given at den conference dinner on Thursday January 11th the reason for the award was presented.

 The Nordic Geological Award is granted to a scientist with a long career in promoting geoscience in society.
The prize is awarded biannually at the NGW meeting, and the jury consists of the presidents of the Nordic geological societies and the directors of the geological surveys.
The 2020 prize winner’s activity within the geological community and in society has been long and remarkable.
The award goes to a person with an extensive publication record including articles in scientific journals, proceedings and books; mainly related to economic geology, mineral exploration, sustainable mining and the minerals sector in general.
For 35 years he was working in various positions for the GTK and as professor in economic geology at the University of Helsinki.
He has served the Geological Society of Finland as chairman (1995) and vice chairman (1994), led the expert group preparing Finland's minerals strategy, and was one of the key persons developing Finland's Green Mining concept in 2010.
Over the years, the prize winner has played an important international role in developing the Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) meeting to internationally recognised event, and has also promoted Fennoscandian mineral resources on a global level at PDAC-meetings.
He was involved in the development of European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP-SMR) and EIT RawMaterials consortiums.It is my honour and privilege to present the Nordic Geoscientist Award 2020 to Prof Pekka Nurmi.

At the NGWM20, the jury for the student poster award judged 39 posters.

The members of the jury: Henrik H. Svensen (jury chair), Nazmul Haque Mondol, Karianne Staalesen Lilleøren, Martin B. Klausen, Jørn Harald Hurum, Emma F. Rehnström, Angvik Tine Larsen and Henriette Linge.  

The jury was impressed by the overall high quality of the posters and the presentations during the poster sessions.
It was exciting to see a new generation of geoscientists already making an impact.
As the quality of the posters were to such a high standard with a wide range of poster designs, the jury has decided to share the prize between two winners.  

The jury’s keywords for award no 1: Straight to the point, very easy to follow, great graphics and images, convincingly argued, and exciting content.
The first winner is Åse Hestnes (Univ. Bergen) with the poster “Ductile to brittle structural framework of the Nordfjord area, Western Norway”. 

The jury’s keywords for award no 2: Untraditional, innovative, artistic, capturing, we want more!
The second winner is Bitten Bolvig Hansen (NHM, Univ. Oslo) with the poster “Morphological trends in the Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoid Arctoceras blomstrandi”. 

The jury congratulates both students with the outstanding work.

Posteraward Åse Hestnes m Henrik Svensen WEB Posteraward Bitten Bolvig Hansen
Åse Hestnes              Henrik Svensen Bitten Bolvig Hansen 

   Foto: Hans Arne Nakrem


Complete program and abstractvolume for the Nordic Geological Wintermeeting 2020 are now ready!

The program will be printed to the conference, we know many of the participants want to cover as many presentations as possible and therefore like to mark the the time and place for the presentations.

The abstractvolume will not be printed out, but the PDF can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile.
Or you can just read it online here.

In the back of the abstract you will find a list of all the contributors to the abstracts with page reference. 

Welcome to Oslo!


The 34th Nordic Geological Wintermeeting will take place on The University of Oslo, at Blindern.

Most of the participants will stay in the center of Oslo, and the easiest way to get up to Blindern is to take the metro.

We recomend number 4 to Vestli, or number 5 to Sognsvann. Get off at the stop called Blindern, and you will be guided in the right direction.
Here you can find map to te metro: Metro map
Information about tickets can be found here: Tickets information

The oral presentation will be divided between Georg Sverdrups house, Sophus Lies Auditorium and the Science Library (Vilhelm Bjerknes hus).

Poster session will be at Georg Sverdups house, so will also the exhibition.

Registration/information desk will be at the Science Library, where the Icebreaker will be held.

Lunch will be served in the Common room (Fredrikkes house).

The map to Blindern can be found here: Map UiO/Blindern

Norsk Geologisk Forening vil takke alle som har bidratt til at Geologiens Dag også i år har hatt mange arrangement rundt i hele Norge.


Takk til alle som har laget små og store arrangement


takk til alle sponsorene som har bidratt økonomisk.


I år var det 76 arrangører og mange av dem har laget flere arrangemet. Det vil si at vi til sammen hadde 83 arrangement.

Et eksempel er Guovdageainnu meahcceguovddáš, Kautokeino Natursenter, som arrangerte Geologiens Dag for første gang i år. De laget utstilling på kulturhuset, arrangerte ekskursjon og hadde en dag med arrangement for skolen.

Les mere her;

Fint at vi fikk med en arrangør fra Finnmark også. Alle fylkene var dermed representert.




After the deadline for abstracts, we have received 470 abstracts to the 34th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting (NGWM20)!

So the place to be in January 8th-10th is at the University of Oslo, where the The Geological Society of Norway and The University of Oslo invite geoscientist from all the Nordic countries.

The meeting is an arena for all disciplines in the field of geoscience, with the goal to contribute to knowledge sharing, networking, inspiration and professional fulfilment.
Here you will meet geoscientists from all parts of society - academia, research institutes, industry, government, the school administration and others.

And it is the time to register for the event and book for accommodation.



Registration until November 30th gives early-bird registration, so be sure to register before December 1st.

To register: 



It will be possible to book hotel through the Thon Hotels. All the hotels are in the center of Oslo.

Link til accommodation: Accommodation


Geologiens Dag 2019 arrangeres over hele landet i september.

Datoen er 7.september, men enkelte arrangement finner sted også andre dager.

Gå inn på under "Fylkesoversikt", og finn et arrangement i ditt nærområde.


Det blir arrangement på torg, museér, bergverk, skoler, barnehager, bibliotek og flere andre steder.

I Oslo arrangeres det til og med en "geologisk" båttur, og mange steder blir det "geologisk" fottur.


Vi har quiz med premier til alle, og andre "gi-bort-gaver" som deles ut.


Her blir det masse spennende geologi, og mye å lære både for små og store.




Alle er velkomne!

Det er nå lagt ut 4 nye artikler i Norwegian Journal of Geology:

Caledonian deformation of the Precambrian basement in southeastern Norway, av Arne Bjørlykke og Odleiv Olesen

Late Triassic to Early Cretaceous palynostratigraphy of Kong Karls Land, Svalbard, Arctic Norway, with correlations to Franz Josef Land, Arctic Russia av Morten Smelror, Geir Birger Larssen, Snorre Olaussen, Arnfinn Rømuld og Robert Williams.

The sandstone-hosted Osen lead deposit, Norway: new Pb isotope evidence for sourcing in the underlying granitoid basement av Arne Bjørlykke, Bernard Bingen, Kjell Billström og Ellen Kooijman.

3D modelling of the Onega Basin, northwestern Russia, from gravity and magnetic data and borehole information av Matthis Frey, Jörg Ebbing og Aivo Lepland.

Det er mange interessante artikler som legges ut på sidene til NJG, og i disse sjødeponi-diskusjonsdager så kan dette være rette lesestoff:
Marine mine tailings disposal at Lillebukt, Stjernsundet, North Norway: distribution, sedimentary processes and depositional impacts av Reidulv Bøe, Roar Sandøy, Nicole J. Baeten, Aivo Lepland, Valèrie Karin Bellec, Shyam Chand, Oddvar Longva, Martin Klug, Liv Plassen og Jasmin Schønenberger.

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